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NSI Approved Burglar Alarm for business in Clerkenwell EC1

Burglar Alarm are an effective way to deter & prevent burglars from entering your business in Clerkenwell EC1 . Whether you are business owner or not, having your business broken into is an extremely invasive feeling. Keep your business safe by fitting NSI approved Burglar Alarm for business in Clerkenwell EC1; all of which are available from Us. These Burglar Alarm systems meet strict UK quality assurance standards, which is why they possess the thumbs up from the National Approval Council for Security Systems (NACOSS). Does your business have one?


business NSI Approved Burglar Alarm in Clerkenwell EC1

Burglar Alarm for business in Clerkenwell EC1 

Burglar Alarm with Level 1 Police Response in Clerkenwell EC1 

People who have had their business premises broken into often wish they had more time to prevent the invasion. The absence of an Burglar Alarm allows intruders to force themselves into your business undetected. Whether you’re business owner/director or not, it’s important to scare off burglars about the breach. The range of NSI approved Burglar Alarm forbusiness available at Guard Security Systems will dramatically lower the risk of a break in; by:

(1)Acting as a deterrent for burglaries. (2) Notifying nearby security, neighbours or police about the situation. (3) Alerting you to the situation so and giving you time to react. 

Burglar Alarm don’t always do what they are supposed to do. Many Burglar Alarm sold in Clerkenwell EC1 fail business at the time they need them most. Low-quality Burglar Alarm that have not been approved by NSI can become defective, or even be defective when initially purchased. Others will go off even when there is no breach, which leaves the business owner/directors wondering whether or not to take the Burglar Alarm seriously.

All of these problems can (and eventually will) lead to a dangerous situation. Wherever an Burglar Alarm cannot be trusted, there’s a risk of falling prey to a burglary or business invasion.

GuardSys™ also repairs security systems equipment including CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms and Door Entry Systems.

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Burglar Alarm engineers in Clerkenwell EC1
Supplying superior NSI approved Burglar Alarm systems in Clerkenwell EC1

If you’re going to fit an Burglar Alarm, make sure it’s one that’s been assessed and approved by the National Approval Council for Security Systems. Guard Security Systems only supplies NSI approved alarms for business owners/directors, and the reputation of our Burglar Alarm speak for themselves. If NSI trusts our alarms, you can be sure that you can too.

Get in contact with Us and ask about our range of Burglar Alarm for business . We’ll fully survey the place to your request with a full consultation of what your security needs are, your budget and which Burglar Alarm system is best suited to your business. Remember, if it doesn’t have NSI approval, it’s possible you have a sub-grade alarm on your hands—and that’s simply not worth the risk.

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