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Professional NSI / NACOSS Approved Burglar Alarms In South Bermondsey SE16

Residents of South Bermondsey SE16 will be pleased to learn that there is a security company nearby that is dedicated to their safety. Companies, shops and homes alike can benefit from superior alarm systems which will prevent theft, property damage, and bodily harm.

Anticipating a break in is half the battle already won. Burglar alarms are a great way to do this—especially for properties that are at high risk of experiencing crime. GuardSys supplies the best NACOSS approved burglar alarm systems in South Bermondsey SE16 for preventing intruders from entering your property.


nacoss approved alarms in South Bermondsey SE16

Alarms for businesses in South Bermondsey SE16 

Alarms for home in South Bermondsey SE16 

If you’re a business owner in South Bermondsey SE16, you may be worried about the safety & security of your business and assets. Expensive devices such as servers, computers, and high tech equipment are keen targets for criminals. It may be time to seriously consider an investment in your company’s security. What about shop owners? If you own a commercial store, you know that security breaches cost you in stock and damages.

A good supplier of NACOSS alarm systems in South Bermondsey SE16 is the answer to a great deal of your security concerns. Contact GuardSys today and find out how easy it is to secure your business—whether it’s an office building, a street store, a mall shop, or an industrial facility in South Bermondsey SE16 with burglar alarm.


Home security is equally important—if not more so. A burglary can put your family at risk; especially one that is undetected, leaving you without preparation time to secure your family or call the authorities. Your possessions such television, sound equipment, phones, wallets, and jewellery are items that criminals are after. In order to secure these and other items within your home in South Bermondsey SE16, security is a must. Fitting an burglar alarm to your home in South Bermondsey SE16 will help you and your family in many ways:

  • The alarm will deter or chase off most criminals
  • An alarm notifies you of an invasion and gives you time to react
  • Alarms act as warning signs to neighbours
  • The police are notified of a security breach
GuardSys™ also repairs security systems equipment including CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms and Door Entry Systems.

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nacoss approved alarm engineers in South Bermondsey SE16
Supplying superior Nacoss alarm systems in South Bermondsey SE16

Make sure you purchase your intruder / burglar alarm from a supplier that only deals in high quality products. NACOSS approved alarms have been reviewed by the National Approval Council for Security Systems, and endorsed as superior systems. Your home in South Bermondsey SE16 is in safe hands with a NACOSS approved alarm, so don’t settle for anything less—as there are a lot of cheap, ineffective options out there.

Give GuardSys a call and allow us to advise you on your security needs. You’ll find our burglar alarms to be high functional, effective, and affordable. If you’d like a quote on excellent intruder alarms in South Bermondsey SE16, send GuardSys an email today.

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